$884,634,000.00 Sales Tax Hike


On April 5, 2016, the Cities of Tulsa, Glenpool, Jenks, and Owasso and Tulsa County will vote on sales taxes to replace the 0.6% Vision 2025 county sales tax that expires at the end of this year. Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett and all nine city councilors support this NEW sales tax rate of 6/10th cent.

Additionally, there is a statewide initiative to put a proposal on the state ballot in November to raise the state portion of the sales tax by one penny (4.5 cents to 5.5 cents) to spend on public education.

Should the Oklahoma state sales tax and Tulsa sales tax votes pass, Tulsans will pay close to a 10% sales tax and Tulsa would have one of the highest sales tax rates in America!

A River Dam Scam

Tulsa city leaders have told us they will build low water dams in the Arkansas River.  In emails they state the money will go to  ‘other projects!’ 

You have to pass the bill to see what is in it!

See the facts HERE


Is now a good time to commit to new taxes?

gas well

The Oklahoma oil patch economy and state government are suffering, with $113 BILLION in net worth extinguished from balance sheets of our Oklahoma publicly-held oil & gas production companies.  Chesapeake, Samson and Anadarko have announced significant layoffs and Samson has filed for bankruptcy.


Currently, there is a projected $1.3 BILLION shortfall in the Oklahoma state budget for the upcoming year and unemployment is climbing higher.


The local sales tax hike has more than 40 elements.  Tulsa voters will be able to vote yes or no on three combinations:  public safety, transportation and ‘economic development.’

Click HERE to view tax ballot resolutions text (hat tip to Michael Bates at Batesline.)

Click HERE to view list of proposed spending projects.


PUBLIC SAFETY:  Permanent tax increase

Rate:  0.16% until 2021 and then increases to 0.26%

Projected Revenue:  $202 million for police and $70 million for the fire department in the first 15 years.


  • Do you need to pay higher taxes for police and fire staff that are not needed?  Tulsa does not need 160 new police officers and 70 new firefighters.
  • Even with the layoffs of 120 police in 2010, major crime rates have fallen for over two decades.
  • 75% of “fire” runs are for emergency medical services and not to fight a fire.  Does EMSA need to hire more staff instead of hiring more fire fighters?


TRANSPORTATION:  Permanent tax increase

Rate:  0.085 percent

Projected Revenue:  $45 million for streets and traffic and $57 million for transit


ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT:  15 year tax increase

Rate:  0.305 percent.  Increases to 0.805 in 2021.  Drops to 0.305 in 2025.


  • Why rebuild a dam that already works?
    • It has been intentionally ill-maintained.
    • Adding a dam at Jenks will cost an “estimated” $80 million (another $64 million at Tulsa.)  We exceeded the estimated cost of the BOK Arena by 30%!
    • The Jenks dam SHOULD NOT get approved because it will disrupt or destroy the habitat of the Least Tern and American Bald Eagle.
    • The low water dam promoters have not yet talked to the State Wildlife Department or the Federal Fish & Game Department.
  • Do you need to give Tulsa Public Schools ANOTHER $24.5 million?
  • Union & Jenks School Districts are already among the highest taxed districts in the state.
  • $30 million goes to Tulsa County Fairgrounds in what Councilor Blake Ewing called a “bribe.”  That is double taxation!
  • $9.4 million to buy flight simulators for the Air National Guard.
    • With an annual budget of $585 BILLION shouldn’t the federal Department of Defense pay for this instead of the City of Tulsa?
  • $25 million for a “Pachyderm Palace” at the Tulsa Zoo.  Is that all it costs???
  • $16.25 million to Langston University – Tulsa Healthcare Professions Complex Expansion  (Langston is a State-Supported University.)

  • $15 million to the BMX National Headquarters (Corporate Crony Welfare

  • $14.5 million to Public Schools –Safety First Initiative

  • Partnership with Union, Jenks & Tulsa Public Schools in Teacher Retention, Recruitment, and Training Efforts  (Public Schools have their own dedicated funding sources, primarily from local property taxes.)

  • $9.9 to the Community Health Connection East Clinic (Why is the City of Tulsa in the health care business?)

  • $8 million for Discovery Lab – Tulsa Children’s Museum Permanent Site (Another government-funded museum in Tulsa, in addition to the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame, the Gilcrease Museum, and the Tulsa Air & Space Museum.)

  • $5.3 million to Tulsa Community College Career Placement $5,320,000 (TCC receives PERMANENT property taxes annually from every property owner in Tulsa County)

  • $3.6 million to OSU-Tulsa $3,600,000 (OSU is a State-Supported University)

  • $3 million to Route 66 Village Train Depot $3,000,000 (When did the City of Tulsa become responsible for building a Train Depot?)

  • $2.25 million to The Tulsa Arts Board/Commission (Yet more RULE over Tulsans by Unelected & Unaccountable Authorities, Boards & Commissions)

Click HERE to view the full list of proposed spending projects.




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